How to get to Bali right now

After returning from the Maldives I headed to the West Coast in South Africa to spend some time with very good friends of mine and it was so good to just regroup and catch up with my besties for a few weeks.  It is during this time that I decided to make Bali my next destination.  I have always dreamt of experiencing life in Bali and am so happy that I am finally doing it, so I am planning to base myself here for a while.  Getting to Bali right now is a bit of a mission, but completely doable.

The documents currently required before you may enter the country includes: 

Your visa, I used a company in Bali that assisted me with the entire process.  They told me that the application process would take up to ten working days, however I received mine in five and the process was really easy through them. 

You’ll also need medical insurance, return flights, your e-HAC QR code and your quarantine hotel booking. In the vlog below I break down the entire process as well as share links to the relevant sites.

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