We can all agree that 2020 has been filled with change and adaptability. Not only have we been forced to keep our distance and be confined to the walls of our homes but we have also had to deal with travel bans internationally.

We had to sit back and watch our travelling plans go up in smoke and see how the tourism industry deteriorated with each passing day.

In November of 2019, approximately 30 influential travel bloggers from across the world, created a list of the top travel destinations for 2020. Namibia, with its vast arid desert and open grass plains that I call home, landed a spot on this particular list. Namibia was one of only three African countries selected as a top travel destination for 2020, with two main must see destinations, the desolate Namib desert along the coastal plains and the astonishing Fish River Canyon, situated in the south of Namibia.

Now, with borders slowly reopening for international travel, here are eight reasons why Namibia should be on your must see list.

Safety is key

Even after everything that has been happening in the world, Namibia is still considered to be one of the safest countries in Africa. 

As any avid traveller knows, safety is key when it comes to travelling to foreign countries. When exploring new destinations, one is always at risk of petty crimes and being ripped off by a vendor or store owner when purchasing souvenirs or other essential items. 

Namibia is considered to be a relatively safe destination where tourists can still feel safe in most places and situations while visiting.

Fairly undiscovered and unexplored in comparison to other destinations.

Namibia’s reputation as a popular travel destination, increases every day. One will surely get a true sense of what it feels like to blend in and be part of the Namibian culture and everyday folk when visiting. 

As travellers we sometimes tend to get irritated with overly touristy areas, ironic, I know. However due to the country’s low population density, visitors will have the absolute pleasure of experiencing and enjoying vast open landscapes without ever seeing a single soul in sight.

Not only does Namibia offer tourists the opportunity to explore and become one with nature but it is also the perfect choice of country to visit if you are seeking to experience and appreciate the tranquillity, beauty and music that only nature can offer.

There’s a renewed focus on tourism post COVID.

The tourism industry has been hit hard with the outbreak of COVID-19 and it is no secret that the tourism industry is one of the highest-earning industries world-wide. Namibia is known as a tourist desitination and relies heavily on this industry to thrive. This year, the country has faced one of its hardest years due to the economic impact brought on by the pandemic.

Fortunately, tourism is slowly getting back on its feet and people all around the world have gained a new found appreciation for travel. Namibia is no different in that it is focused on welcoming back tourists by providing a safe travel experience.


Namibia is extremely diverse in what it has to offer. It is almost near impossible to run out of activities to do and places to see. From its rich and diverse cultures and languages, to contrasting landscapes, Namibia will have you discovering something new everywhere you go in this beautiful country.

A country that caters for all. 

Namibia is the perfect destination for any type of traveller. The country caters to anyone from individuals with a heightened sense of adventure and adrenaline to anyone who wishes to slow down the pace of life, bask in luxury and explore the beauty and serenity of what this beautiful place has to offer.

So, whether it be luxury, adventure, solo or group travel, you would surely be able to plan an itinerary that caters to all your specific needs and requirements.


One of the main reasons why I would advise anyone to visit Namibia is due to the large variety of rich and exquisite cuisines the country has to offer. With a diverse culture comes diverse culinary experiences. From German food influences to authentic African dishes, your tastebuds will not be bored one minute. Expect a lot of really good meat.

The natural landscapes are astounding.

No matter where your journey will take you, Namibia never fails to disappoint when it comes to astounding landscapes and scenery. From the fiery red dunes in Sossusvlei, to the salt pan of Etosha National Park, one will constantly be surrounded by breath-taking landscapes and contrasts such as the oldest desert meeting the ocean. Be sure to pack an extra memory card, as I almost certainly guarantee that you will run out of storage space while visiting.

The beer is out of this world!

If you classify yourself as a barley and hops fan, Namibia is definitely a must on your list of countries to visit. Namibia has a variety of locally made beer that will quench every thirst and suit every palate. There is nothing as relaxing as sipping on a local beer while sitting under the African sun and soaking up its natural beauty.

Traveling is such a thrilling and eye-opening experience and I advise everyone I meet to travel as often as they possibly can.

So! Book your tickets and come visit this beautiful and diverse country. You won’t regret it.

Bon Voyage, until next time.

YouTube: RoamingRucksack / Instagram: @rrucksack @jacoklynsmith 

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