Why Atlanta Botanical Gardens Should Be on Your To-Do List

Guest Blog 

Why visit Atlanta Botanical Gardens? Or would you like to miss the spectacular urban oasis in Atlanta? No, right! Atlanta Botanical gardens are 30 acres of breathtaking botanical bliss bedside Piedmont Park.

Explore this beautiful display of gardens and woodlands featuring Fuqua Orchid Center. Get mesmerized by the beautiful collection of roses, herbs, conifers, carnivorous plants, and more.

Here are a few reasons as to why Atlanta Botanical Garden should be on your to-do list:

Go on a canopy walk:

Venture to the 12-foot-wide and 600-foot-long canopy walk. Pass the suspension bridge and witness the unbeatable views of Storza Woods. Walk more and reach the Cascades Garden. This tranquil spot has a series of waterfalls surrounded by hardy topicals.

Have a taste of fresh produce in Edible Garden:

Check out the new tourist attraction in Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Edible Garden. It is designed in a beautiful way featuring three crop circle inspired garden rooms and an outdoor kitchen. Get tempted by tasting the fresh dishes by chefs in an outdoor kitchen. Head to the first room and The Vegetable Amphitheater, where you will see seasonal crops mixed with flowers. Pass through the herb wall and have a close up of 2000 plants that demonstrate vertical gardening.

Get Mesmerized by the Garden Lights, Holiday Nights:

Want to have a romantic adventure through the urban oasis? Head to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and get mesmerized by the breathtaking show of Garden Lights, Holiday Nights. Grab a drink and enjoy yourself in the spectacular twinkling of more than one million LED lights.

Enjoy the fantastic view from Skyline Garden:

Head to the top of Skyline Garden and enjoy the views of two beautiful attractions. Botanical Gardens and Piedmont Park. Pass through the aquatic paradise of water lilies and succulent species.

Have a fine dining experience at Longleaf:

Longleaf is a fine dining place in Atlanta Botanical Garden where you can have light bites, full diner, and more. Enjoy your dining at one of its rooftop terrace or outdoor patios. Go and grab some freshly prepared products from a longleaf café.

Explore the Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory:

Inside the Atlanta Botanical Garden awaits the beautiful spectrum of tropical and desert plants in Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory. Here see the unique plant species, Citrus plants, Succulent and tropical flowers. Next, Explore the Fuqua Orchid Center and see the rare collection of high-elevation orchids.

Enjoy with kids at Children Garden:

Take your kids to the children’s garden and enjoy swimming in the sunflower mountain. Then explore the Venus flytraps in the Soggy Bog and learn about honeybees in the observation hive.

Have an amazing Outdoor Concert

Enjoy the city’s best music while looking at the endearing views of the stars. Grab your blanket and some snacks and enjoy music while laying on the ground, looking at the magical show of stars.

Loca Luna:

After all, the fun, head to the nearest restaurant Loca Luna for some fun dining. Have the premium dining experience and enjoy their best dish from Spanish & Latin cuisines.

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