My five ‘go to’ travel vloggers

With most of the world currently under lockdown, borders closed and flights grounded, travelling is not something that will happen for most of us anytime soon.  These past few weeks truly reminded us what a privilege it is to be able to get on a plane and discover the world. 


With all travel plans on hold and some extra time on hand, luckily we have access to thousands of travel blogs and vlogs to keep us motivated, inspired and hopeful to be able to continue our adventures once we have come through this season. 


Here are my five favourite ‘go to’ travel influencers.  Please share yours in the comments!  

Mark Harrison 

Canadian videographer, Mark Harrison, is truly one of the most talented videographers out there.  His content provides a great combination of storytelling and cinematography covering locations all over with videos from destinations across the globe.  His YouTube channel is also very informative as he shares many tutorials and tips on how to better one’s skill as a videographer.  With some amazing photography and constant story updates, Mark is also great to follow on Instagram. 



Lost le Blanc 

Christian LeBlanc, aka Lost LeBlanc, started out his vlogging career as a young twenty-something travelling South East Asia.  Personally, I consider him to be one of the original ‘I sold everything to travel the world’ YouTubers and it is truly inspirational to see what he has achieved in five years.  Newbies can look to his work for motivation in seeing how ones content can evolve if you constantly improve your skills.  His channel also offers great advice and training for aspiring content creators.  His work is beautiful to watch and at the same time shares a personal and interesting story. His incredible content also inspired me to book a trip to the Philippines in 2019.  Read more here. 



The Juicy Vlog 

Once I booked my trip to the Philippines, I came across The Juicy Vlog.  George and Lucy from Brighton, UK provide subscribers with daily vlogs on their travels.  Their journey to the Philippines started towards the end of 2018 when they packed up to travel the world and they have been showing us amazing locations in and around the Philippines ever since.  Their content is very informative as they share their experience of everything they encounter on their travels.  It helped me a lot in preparing for the Philippines.  



How Far From Home 

Bringing it a bit closer to home, South African couple, Chanel and Stevo made the headlines when they became one of the first South African well known Instagram influencers a few years back.  With their amazing Insta posts, people have been following their story and travels.  Their YouTube channel takes us along on their amazing adventures around the world.  I enjoy their content as it’s inspiring to see people close to home finding success as travel influencers.    



Yes Theory 

Ok, so with over 5 million subscribers most people have probably heard of Yes Theory.  One of my favourite quotes to this day “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” is the essence of what you’ll find when you watch their content.  If you watch a little less news and more of Yes Theory’s channel you’ll soon feel better about the world we live in and the amazing people out there.  Even though their channel is not purely focused on travel alone, you’ll be inspired to travel once you watch their videos.  Their channel offers great cinematography, but what makes me keep on coming back is the interesting and inspiring storylines, the positive messages and the heart warming human element they add to everything. Definitely a must watch if you’re feeling sombre during lockdown. 


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