An experience to add to your bucket list

If you ever plan on visiting the island of Cebu in the Philippines, be sure to set aside one day and travel down South for an amazing canyoneering experience.  This was definitely one of the highlights of my recent trip to this amazing country.


Canyoneering in the Philippines


We decided to spend two nights near Oslob to ensure an easy commute to the whale sharks and the canyoneering excursion.  Looking back now, I am glad we did, as we had not expect the traffic to be as intense.




After enjoying a traditional breakfast we headed for Kawasan falls.  Upon arrival we registered, received our gear and headed up the mountain with locals on their motorbikes.  The bike ride up the mountain was an adrenaline rush in itself.  Three people per motorcycle gliding through traffic as you follow the winding road all the way to the drop-off.  Once we got to the top and received a safety briefing we started the thirty minute walk to where the excitement begins.  I have seen many YouTube videos on canyoneering in the Philippines, but nothing compares you for the beauty you find once you enter the canyon.  I remember feeling overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for being in that place on that particular moment with three of my best friends.




And then the adrenaline rush starts once your body hits the icy water for the first time.  I am no fan of heights, however I love everything to do with water, so booking this trip was a ‘no brainer’ for me.  I never factored in that the height of the jumps may be a bit hectic.  The excitement quickly turned into uncertainty as the falls started getting higher and higher and when the guide told us that the final jump will be more than 15 meters, we all tried looking very nonchalant, but the nerves were kicking in big time.  As the jumps progressed we became more and more confident and I am proud to say that we all completed all the jumps.




Finally you reach the beautiful falls once the final jump is completed.  Here we spent some time having a well deserved beer and just enjoying the moment.  Coming from a country where water is a scarce commodity, for us, this was a very special day and the perfect way to start our Philippines adventure.  I highly recommend this experience!

We booked our trip through Island Trek Tours and I can honestly recommend them as they went out of their way to make our day one to remember.


Here’s a video of our day Canyoneering!



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