My first Couchsurfing experience

About a month ago I decided to update my Couchsurfing profile as I downloaded the App a few years ago without ever using it.  As I am busy planning another adventure for 2019 I was hoping to use the application to share meaningful experiences with local people when I travel.

A day later, I received a request to meet up with a traveler visiting Windhoek.   My initial idea was not to use the app in this way at all, however I soon realised that I needed some reviews to up my credibility.  Long story short, I ended up meeting Tijmen from the Netherlands for a drink and showed him some of the local spots in Windhoek.  We eventually had the best evening together, enjoying a few drinks, talking about our travels and the issues of life.

The next day I received a text from him asking to stay over at my place, as he only booked for one night at his hostel, and they were fully booked for the next few days.  I was very hesitant at first, however agreed and invited him to stay for two nights.  Well, what started off as a two-night stay ended up being two weeks.  We became really good friends during this time and he soon turned into more of a housemate than a guest.

The funny thing is, in the two weeks that he stayed at my place I did things in Windhoek that I have never done before.  I have lived here for nearly eight years now and it took a Couchsurfer to get me to do some of the local things I have been meaning to do for so long.

Well, what started off as a two-night stay ended up being two weeks.

Salsa evening with Tijmen and friends

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with my first Couchsurfing experience.  I do wonder, however, if maybe I was lucky the first time round; maybe he was just a ‘once off type of guest’ and my experience will not always be this positive.  But then I think, maybe it is the travel community.  Travelers, not tourists, tend to be more open minded with a sort of respect for those they come into contact with.  Maybe this is just the type of community I belong to as a traveler.  With all the negative things happening in the world, I find this really encouraging.


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