Tranquil Lake Oanob

Sometimes the best experiences are right at your doorstep.  I’ve been meaning to visit Lake Oanob for some time now and finally got an opportunity this last month.  Described as a place where body and soul is in harmony with nature, this is one of the very few places in Namibia with an abundance of water.

Situated about an hour’s drive from Windhoek, Lake Oanob Resort project’s aim to keep the landscape untouched.

We initially booked two chalets as we were six adults, however after a mix up with the booking dates we ended up being upgraded to a bigger luxury chalet.   This is the perfect place to spend a weekend with friends and family, just enjoying nature and recharging.

Some of the land activities include nature drives, hiking trails and birding with many locals making their way to the lake every weekend to enjoy water activities such as boat and tube rides, canoeing, aqua cycling and of course fishing.

Instagram @jacoklynsmith

If you ever find yourself in Namibia with a day or two to spare, be sure to work this into your itinerary.

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