Paternoster and the Seashack

One of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast of South Africa, is Paternoster.  It is about 145km North of Cape Town and a must visit for any traveler.  A few weeks ago I hopped onto a plane one Friday morning for a surprise visit to Cape Town as it was a good friend’s birthday.   He had no idea that his brother and I would be coming down and he had no idea that his wife hijacked his birthday weekend plans with friends by organising a massive get together in Paternoster.

As I stepped off the plane in Cape Town, I again realised that part of me will always consider this city home.  It’s been almost eight years since I moved, but I still miss it every day.  What a wonderful place this is.

So once we all met up at the airport, with birthday boy at work blissfully unaware of the chaos ahead, we stocked up on all necessities for the weekend and off we went.  For the first few kilometers I could not get over the fact that Cape Town was so dry.   The drought has really taken its toll.  The 140km felt like 600 for some reason.  I have no idea why, but both ways felt like the longest 145 kilometers I have ever driven.

The, finally, PATERNOSTER!  I have never been to this very famous town, so I was quite excited to be here.  As we drove through Paternoster it almost felt as if we were somewhere in Greece.  The white-washed fisherman’s cottages and beautiful sea view, from about any part of town, makes this little town very special.

Since we were a large group of people we booked out a place called The Sea Shack.  What a gem this place is.  Small wood cabins on the beach in the middle of a nature reserve.  Truly magical.  We arrived on Friday evening and did not leave the site once the entire weekend.  It is the perfect place for a group of people to spend a few days together.   Fires were burning from dusk till dawn.  Music playing all day.  The best food prepared by chef friends.  Friends laughing and just having a good time.

Some would say that The Sea Shack is closer to ‘glamping’ than self-catering as the amenities are very basic, however at the end of the day you have a comfortable bed to sleep in, warm shower and fully equipped kitchen; with that breathtaking sea view!

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