This weekend I was once again reminded that the best traveling experiences can sometimes be found right on your doorstep. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for packing a bag and getting on a plane, however sometimes it is good to take some time and explore what your country has to offer.  

After a weekend on a Namibian farm with friends, I have new appreciation for my country and know that I am so blessed to be living in Namibia. It is probably one of the most unique places on earth. Ocean, desert, wildlife and African savannahs all in one. Sometimes we get so used to what we have that we do not appreciate it the same way that international travelers do. Take a game drive for example, in Namibia we are so used to seeing wildlife that we sometimes take it for granted.

I believe that one can really only truly become a traveler when you have traveled through your own country. You can only truly understand a different culture when you understand your own.  

This made me think, I would love to feature other travel bloggers’ content on my Facebook Page (@RRucksack) as well as this blog. ‘A travelers take on their own country.’ If you are interested, contact me via this page. 

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