Career and Travel 

 Nearly five months after my solo journey I am craving adventure again. If I can take only one thing I have learnt from this year, it will be to stop postponing the things you really want to do. Looking back now, I am so grateful for the experiences and memories made during those two months and I am so excited for the next one.

I used to think that you had to choose between the 8-5 career life and the nomad life, however I have come to realise that with a little bit of planning adventure and a career can co-exist. What makes it different from a holiday? Well, in my opinion a holiday is an annual getaway where you live it up in a hotel or resort for a week or two to recharge. Traveling, on the other hand, involves immersing yourself in a culture and for a moment in time finding yourself living a different life. 

Time is probably the biggest challenge when trying to balance career and travel, however if you plan your trips around public holidays and long-weekends you end up with quite a lot of travel time. Shorter, but more frequent trips on an annual basis. 

Saving up while you work and not spending your money on unnecessary luxuries while you plan your next trip is vital. I live by the motto: “The more you save, the more you travel.” 

At the end of the day we need to realise that we only have one chance at this life and although I am a firm believer in balance; we need to work as much as we need to play, our core focus cannot be to collect stuff. I am all about collecting memories.

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