Solo in Ibiza 

Arriving at Rome’s Fiumicino airport at 5 am in the morning for a flight is probably not something that people will be excited by; however when you know that the flight you’re taking is leaving for the beautiful island of Ibiza, it changes things a bit. As a solo traveler I was a bit reluctant to include Ibiza in my itinerary as a party island is usually associated with a group of friends going on holiday.  Well, I have always wanted to go and this solo trip was the perfect opportunity, so I decided to just do it. From the time you board the flight the energy is different, it is not a normal flight. People are relaxed and there is a sense of excitement in the air; people know that they are going to Ibiza.

Arriving on the island I immediately loved it. It quickly became clear to me that it would be exactly what I imagined; the whole island is geared towards music, dancing and partying. Billboards of the biggest DJs in the world next to the highways and opening parties being announced everywhere you go. When I got to my hotel room and Ibiza TV was telling me where all the parties are happening, I knew that I was in for a great week.  I stayed in the Playa d’en bossa area which is central to all the hot spots. 

First impressions: the hotel is beautiful, the ocean views are spectacular and everything is expensive. Yes, it is not just a rumour, Ibiza is not cheap, however I do believe that if you plan a bit you can save a lot of money. If you want to do Ibiza on a budget you need to try and book and pay for most things in advance. I saved so much money on my hotel just by booking in advance. Also, try and book half or full board to save on meals and drinks. My hotel had a massive buffet and I was so happy that I took the half-board option as I had the best meals for ‘free.’ Also, book the early bird tickets to save a lot of money on entrance fees.   

I loved Ibiza, but I must admit I can see how a group of friends would have an amazing time on the island.  If you are traveling alone I can suggest a boat party as this is the easiest way to meet people. Also look for the boat parties with add-ons like jet skiing and club entries. I also went to the opening party of Ushuaia and loved it. Drinks are extremely expensive inside the clubs, however in a way it is a good thing as it controls the crowd a bit. I never saw people that were drunk out of their minds as with other party islands.  Maybe I was just lucky. 


All in all Ibiza is a must. Group or solo, it is the perfect place to combine relaxing island vibes, sight seeing and off course dancing.  Definitely a place I hope to return to. 

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