Exploring Cinque Terre 

If you find yourself in Italy wondering where to go next, the Cinque Terre area is definitely a must.  I am lucky enough to have a close friend in Lerici and when I initially planned to visit her I had no idea that this area is one of the most famous places in Italy. 

It was so good to meet up with familiar faces in Pisa after more than a month of traveling on my own.  For the next few days I spent time catching up with high school friends, made some ravioli and took a ferry to see the beautiful towns in Cinque Terre.

This is one of those places where you don’t require a map.  Wander around and let each town show you it’s uniqueness and beauty.  I think the best way to experience this area from all angles is by taking a ferry tour that passes by all the towns along the coastline.   

As luck would have it another school friend was visiting the same time as me and we ended up having the best time.  I am one of those fortunate people that had the best highschool group and most of us remained friends after leaving school.  We don’t see each other often but we can pick up where we left off each time we get to see each other.    

The area is filled with tourists so don’t follow the crowds to the expensive restaurants and rather pack a picnic.  We spent a few hours having great food and wine on one of the rocks in Riomaggiore.  One of my most memorable experiences on my trip so far. 

The perfect day in Cinque Terre with great memories and a lot of laughs.  I have been having the time of my life on this trip but being with friends for a few days made me realise once again that I enjoy people more than places.  

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