Spanish bucketlist 

In 2012 I visited Spain for the first time and completely fell in love with this amazing country. The people, food, music, architecture and everything that goes together with Spanish life completely captivated me. Every visit to Spain has been with a group of friends and I am hoping to experience a different side of this way of life when I embark on a solo adventure in a few weeks’ time. 

Here’s my 2017 Spanish bucket list:

Walk the Camino
 The main reason for my trip is to walk through Spain by myself to find some perspective and answers to the many personal questions I have. I have set aside thirty-five days for walking the Camino Francis and hope to have a real Spiritual experience. I am looking forward to meeting so many interesting people along the way and to listen and share in their stories.

Tapas Bars in Northern Spain

My best tapas experience in Spain was in Barcelona a few years ago. It is probably the best dining experience there is; the smells, flavours and social way of truly enjoying food. I cannot wait to experience the many authentic Spanish tapas bars along the way.  

Galician Centre of Contemporary Art

I have only read about this Modern art museum in Santiago de Compostela and am completely intrigued by it. Visiting this museum is definitely on my bucket list after I complete my pilgrimage.

Music and a lot of dancing!  

 I think the reason why I am so in love with Spain is because there is good music everywhere you go. I appreciate any form of music and definitely want to dance my way through Spain. From Latin, Bachata to dancing to electronic music in Ibiza.  

Dive off a cliff in Ibiza

 I know it might sound cliché, but yes, I want to dive into the clear blue waters of Ibiza from the highest rock I can find.

Lunch in Plaza Mayor

I will never forget the first time I stepped out onto Puerta del Sol from the underground. It was my first impression of Madrid after landing at Barajas Airport a few hours earlier. I guess it is safe to say that it was love at first sight. This cannot really be a bucket list item as I have done it before, but this time I will be all by myself as I enjoy lunch in the famous Plaza Mayor.  




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