Five incredible Skopelos experiences

The Greek island of Skopelos is one of several islands that make up the Northern Sporades island group.  As one of the greener islands with very dramatic cliffs, the island is a popular wedding destination.  After spending an entire week on the island in 2015, here are my top five things to do in Skopelos.


Visit the Old Town

Wander the streets of Skopelos browsing for some souvenirs and clothing.   Here you will also find amazing food, friendly people and incredible views.  A great option if you just want to spend the day by yourself.


Take a day trip on a sailboat

This is definitely a must, especially when traveling in a group.  As we were part of a wedding party of about forty people, we were able to rent two sailboats for the day for a fairly good rate.

Spend the day laying in the sun while being served drinks and great food.  This was one of the best days on the island.  After finding the perfect spot, the crew ensured that we had the best experience and a lot of Ouzo.


Spend some time on Kastani Beach

If you’re going to Skopelos, you’ll probably be disappointed if you are expecting crowds of people partying on the beach.  Even though the island is not a party island, Kastani beach bar promises a day out with great music, drinks and a beautiful beach.   If you’re wondering why this magical place seems familiar, it’s probably because many of the scenes for the movie Mamma Mia were shot here.


See the well-known ‘Mamma Mia church’

Speaking of Mamma Mia, take some time to visit this well-known church featured at the end of the movie.   Just 7 kilometers from Glossa, you’ll find this beautiful little church at the top of a very distinct rock.  But do not be disappointed when you reach the top of the 110 stairs to find that the interior of the church is different from the one in the movie.


Explore the island with Pipe buggies

Don’t settle for ‘normal’ when you rent a car.  We had the best day out with these pipe buggies exploring almost every inch of the island.  These buggies are not really seen anywhere on the island and we sort of stumbled upon them by accident.  There are many car rental options on the island, but add some excitement to your day by asking for these.


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