Five reasons why I travel

There are many reasons why one should travel, however these are my top five reasons.  Feel free to share some of yours in the comments section below.

1) You get to be you 

There is nothing more freeing than being a number in the crowds, knowing that no one knows who you are.  Coming from a small place where everyone knows everyone or have an opinion about everyone, it is such a refreshing change when you tavel to a place where no one knows you.  For that brief moment in time you get to be yourself, try new things and enjoy yourself without having to worry about anyone’s opinions.  It also teaches us to go back home, to be who we want to be and to worry a little less about irrelevant opinions. 

2) It changes mindsets 

We live in a world where we form opinions on subjects based on what we see and read online.  Many people tend to sit behind their computers, too scared to go out into the world based on what they have seen online.  When you travel you realise that these fears are mostly pointless.  Yes, there are many places that are dangerous, however there also is an entire world out there filled with beautiful and wonderful things.  By traveling we open up our minds and quickly realise that the world does not begin and end in our small area where we live. 

3) You experience new cultures 

This is probably my most favourite part of traveling.  I love experiencing new cultures, their language, food and way of life.  When you travel you learn to embrace people that are different from you.  When you are an outsider, you have to adapt to the specific culture’s way of doing things and one quickly realise that people differ and that that is ok.  It teaches us tolerance towards people that are not like us.  I’ve also come to realise that as human beings there are way more similarities as opposed to differences, as we all want to be loved and live in peace with one another.  

4) We get to know ourselves 

Traveling can be very stressful and one will definitely be forced out of one’s comfort zone, however this is a great thing as it teaches us new things about ourselves and allows us to grow.  Traveling is also a time for reflection as one will always be inspired to make certain changes when you return home.  

5) You learn to appreciate where you come from 

Every time I return home from a travel, I have new appreciation for my country, home and way of life.  Traveling makes us appreciate what we have as it highlights things that we take for granted daily.  By traveling we get to see the beauty of different areas of the world, however we are also constantly reminded of the beauty back home.  

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