Magical Victoria Falls 

In 2012 I had the amazing opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.  It is said that 600 million cubic liters of water hit the ground every minute on the Victoria Falls.  The size of this massive waterfall is something one can only really understand when you stand at the edge of the falls feeling the water spray on your face.

Flying into Victoria Falls Airport from Windhoek in Namibia on a Friday afternoon, we were met with a completely different landscape just two hours away from our Capital.  The heavy overcast weather added to the dramatic scenery surrounding the falls.  It is difficult to imagine that Namibia, with its desert and savannas is a neighboring country to all the greenery and water that this area has to offer.

We stayed at the well-known Elephant Hills hotel approximately 5 kilometers from the falls. This is a great hotel, especially if you’re a golf enthusiast, as it is well-known for its amazing golf course filled with wildlife.

This area has so much to do and see and is the adrenaline junkie’s dream.  From white river rafting to bungee jumping and helicopter flips over the falls.  There are many ways to appreciate the magic of the Victoria Falls.  For the less adventurous there are sun downer cruises, hikes and many other activities to keep yourself busy with.

But if you really want to be humbled by how insignificant we all really are… go and stand on the edge of the falls and experience its overwhelming power.

If you want to discover a very authentic part of Africa, this is definitely a must.

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